Alena was born in Oregon and raised in Alaska. From an early age, Alena was a storyteller. She remembers being too little to write but telling her mom stories, which her mom would write down for her. In junior high school, Alena spent her free class time writing an epic adventure story with all of her friends as characters. In high school, Alena excelled at English classes and created more short stories than she did math homework.

Alena got married at 18 and was blessed with her first child, a girl, at 19. Her first marriage was abusive and unhealthy, but she believed in love and had a boy when she was 23. When her son was just two weeks old, Alena finally had the courage to leave her husband. Approximately four years later, she married David and had two more children, first another boy and 17 months later another girl. Now her oldest baby has had a son, making Alena a grandmother before 40 years old.

Alena and her family all live in beautiful North Idaho. They have a 7.5-acre homestead and Alena finally convinced David to let her get chickens. Their two dogs, a husky-boxer named Zoe and a border collie-black lab named Emmet, enjoy running through the woods and chasing deer. Despite David’s protests, they also have four cats: Leo, Jack, Bridget, and Monkey. Alena would have more animals and even open a rescue if she could just do it without David knowing.

Alena’s friends describe her as honest, creative, authentic, and strong; she does her best to live up to their expectations. Alena is challenged by a nerve disorder and autoimmune disease, but she refuses to let her health dictate her life. She enjoys traveling and spending time in nature, both of which inspire her writing.

Alena was an editor and contributor for the Spiral Scouts Ezine, Spiral On! and had a regular column in Elemental Magick Ezine on Pagan Parenting. She is also the content editor for the Tor Stone, an online Ezine for the Sisterhood of Avalon. As a mother of four and identifying as Pagan in one form or another since she was 16, Alena is uniquely qualified to help other Pagan parents find ways to include their children in their spirituality.

Alena is a current member of the Idaho Writers League and has completed the Institute for Writers course Breaking into Print. In December of 2013, Alena decided to expand her education and began studying at Southern New Hampshire University. She has since earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing, with a final GPA of 3.977.

Her current published work is a poem about her grandfather titled Grandfather’s House, which can be seen at SNHU’s site The Penman Review or in the June 2016 issue of Mused. Alena is currently working on an urban fantasy novel titled Over the Moon, that has elements of her life woven into it. By incorporating her escape from an abusive husband, Alena gives courage to other abused women to leave their partners.


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